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"He who attempts to act and do things for others without deepening his own capacity to love will not have anything to give to others." –Thomas Merton

We Catholic priests form a unique community. Blessed John Paul II called us guides for the faithful, teachers of holiness, and stewards of God’s mysteries. Yet as priests in today’s conditions, we sometimes find the daily demands of running a parish or other ministry overwhelming. None of us is alone with this feeling. Ours is a life that constantly searches for balance. helps us find that balance. links our community together to engage in extended conversation and learn from one another. Forum categories such as "Priestly Spirituality and Ministry" and "Pastoral Management" are designed to assist us in our ministry. Share your own experiences and learn from brother priests. Utilize resources, including homily helps, articles, videos, and podcasts. Our partner organizations are here to assist. The forum is protected space with exclusive access for Catholic priests in good standing. Together, we improve our pastoral skills, solve common challenges, learn and grow, and share resources.

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